I closed my first and only credit card

My parents when I turned 18 convinced me reluctantly to get a credit card. (With capital one)
When the card arrived I used it for £10 worth of petrol and then never touched it again and continued to use my debit card.
I paid the card in full at the end of the month via direct debit. (I get paid weekly so this is annoying)
I cancelled the card 3 weeks later and my mum got mad at me. (I’m not comfortable with owing money even if its a few days)
My dad said it was my choice and he understood why I was not comfortable having one.
I know I have messed up my credit score and I don’t care to be honest.
I have excess money from working full time while living at home and not in education so I have savings to fall onto.
I’m not giving advice at all with this, i’m just wanting to see what people think and if anyone else is in the same boat.

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Good for you! I always recommend people get credit cards early and use them for one specific thing each month (like petrol) then pay it off in full to build your credit rating a bit and show you can handle ‘debt’. However, I can understand why people don’t like this approach as it’s easy to slip up and spend spend spend! So, each to their own - do whatever works for you :slight_smile:

Question though, why do you think you’ve messed up your credit score? I hardly think this will have had any adverse affect as you didn’t miss a payment or anything? Opening may have bought your score down slightly but it won’t have any long term damage.


It’s the account opening and the rapid closure I was worried about. (Account was paid in full ontime)
It’s not going to be a problem until I need to buy a house so i’m not too worried.

Yeah, I wouldn’t worry too much about that! I’ve done it before (due to an annoying error when applying) and it didn’t seem to affect my score at all and as you say, it’ll sort itself by the time you go to buy a house :slight_smile:

I don’t think the account opening and closing will be a problem when you come to buy a house. What may an issue, though, is the lack of any credit history.

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I understand about that. I’m going to stay away from credit for the forseable future, the very fact I had a credit card was keeping me up at night.

Yeah, if it’s a good thing for you then it’s your choice.

When I turned 18, I got a bit carried away with the access to credit, and for the first couple/few years of adult life, ended up paying a fortune in interest and charges accross 5 credit cards…

I now only have three, one of which is interest free until early next year, the other of which I’ve had since I was 18 (which has had it’s credit limit increased steadily), and my Amex, which I use for general spending to get the cashback. However, I always make sure I keep the money I spend on my Amex in a pot (or that I’m guaranteed to receive it before the due date before spending it), such that I can pay it off in full every month - which I have done since I’ve owned it, for the past year.


I’ve never had a credit card. I had a card linked to my husband’s AmEx account when we were saving up Avios, but I’ve never had a card of my own and I would like one to build up my credit score, but as a part-time self employed person with a baby-shaped hole in my annual earnings history, I don’t see it happening any time soon. If it makes you feel any better, we managed to get a mortgage anyway (although my husband has a much fuller credit history and higher earnings than me).

You’re 18, are you planning anything in the next couple of years that you will need credit for?

You haven’t messed up your credit score so don’t panic. A couple of years before you want a mortgage apply for one then (and one better than capital one) but personally I think you’re doing the right thing


I personally have one for emergencies. If for some reason something unexpected happens, like a massive leak, I may not have the cost to cover it. It’s useful to have if you aren’t tempted to use it for any other reason.

Your credit will be fine though.

I completely agree here however, credit cards can be very useful if you’re responsible with them. There’s many credit cards which offer rewards for spending which you otherwise wouldn’t gain using a debit card.

I think it was on the MSE website that I read ‘If you need a credit card, don’t get one. If you don’t need a credit card, get one’.

No, plan to keep my current car I paid cash for.

I can understand why, i’m just not comfortable with having one.

I don’t need one but i’d rather not use one due to my real bad anxiety about owing money at all.

I completely see where you’re coming from, if it makes you uncomfortable then there’s no problems in cancelling it at all.


Update for everyone
Checked my credit score on credit karma and it’s showing fair at 597 with the credit card not even showing.
Sim only phone contract and my Monzo and NatWest bank accounts show up.

Plenty of other ways to get good credit history :slight_smile:

I got rid of my credit cards ages ago because the temptation to get into debt was too much. It’s far too easy to convince yourself to spend money that you don’t have when you don’t have to worry about repayments until a later date.

I can absolutely understand where you’re coming from. I was like that at first. The thought of owing anyone anything horrified me. I do have a credit card now but just for the extra buyer protection. I use it for any big purchases and pay it off straight away. Right now you don’t need one. Just keep what you’re doing and building your money up :slightly_smiling_face:

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This! I was the same too.

Took one out at the grand old age of 28 and use it similarly.

OP, you have plenty of time. :blush:

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Most things take a couple of months to show up on your credit score. It won’t be instant.