iPhone 15

You can probably find these sources, but I am going to start this thread and leave this video here: iPhone 15 - 3 AWESOME News! - YouTube

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And people are complaining about Christmas trees being put up early?! :man_shrugging:


Why is this in Monzo chat?

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So pleased I got all my family who unfortunately use iPhones (bar 1 who’s phone had a toilet based incident) to hold out for another year for the 15.

USB C - it’s about time!


I held off the 14 pro this year. Will likely get the 15 Pro Max

Just in time for my upgrade date heheh

That is, if they do actually release the phone with USB-C. They’re not yet legally required to in any country. Technically I think even the iPhone 16 could be lightning

I personally hate USB-C and am always worried that little plastic tongue will snap off on my devices

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If not they will be waiting until the 16 for a new phone.

USB C is the future, no idea what plastic tounge you mean but I’ve never had an issue with any USB C device or cable

It’s great having a USB C dock and having one cable to connect everything, faster ubiquitous charging on all my devices. Faster data transfer and one cable to rule them all.


Technically, they can just switch to MagSafe and leave cables altogether.

Has this ever happened to you? Been using USB C for 7 years and I’m yet to have a single such failure.


No thank you!

I’ve got lightning cables everywhere I need one.


I don’t use USB C. The only two places I have USB C are:
My MagSafe charger which is permanently plugged into a socket
My iPad Pro but I don’t move that about like I do with a phone that’s plugged in

The port design is inherently worse than lightning with two major issues: the plastic tongue and the fact that the tongue is in the device and not on the cable. So if it does fail even one time, you’re left with a dud device instead of just getting a new cable

And as @revels says I have more lightning cables than I know what to do with. So it would be bad for the environment…


Agreed that it’s potentially more fragile. In practice I’ve never had an issue with many devices over several years. Would be interesting if there were stats on failure rates.

That said, the actual functionality is objectively far superior. It’s ridiculous for a “Pro” phone to have USB 2.0 transfer speeds.

The environment is often cited, but in reality it’s a case of short term pain for long term environmental gain. Only a proportion of lightning cables would need to be replaced as USB C is already the standard for everything else (that Apple makes). Replacing lightning cables is a one off exercise, but maintaining two standards is an ongoing duplication.

Will be interesting to hear what Apple says about the environment if it decides to just go MagSage; another proprietary cable and a way less efficient charging standard.

100% this, I dont have an issue with a universal cable as such, USB-C just isnt good.
Kids love to stick things in places they shouldnt be for one and there have been Switches with broken ports as the centre bit pins break/bend.

This is before we get to the huge amount of dodgy usb-c cables out there, I know thats a problem with all cables but the results of USB-C cables being bad an affecting laptops etc isnt good.


My school has 64 Chromebooks charged by USB-C cables. Whilst I expect a USB-C iPhone would be much better quality of port, we have had about 20% failures of the USB-C port on the Chromebooks. All damaged pins to the inside of the USB-C port.

With iPhones, never had an issue with the lightening port, just cable issues which can easily be replaced. My view is that Apple doesn’t plan to cave to the EU on a common standard for the iPhone, and that they will go portless with magsafe charging only.


20% is insane! Feels like I may be a USB C unicorn.

There are dodgy lightning cables too. You just have to buy reputable brands. The real issue is that you never know what functionality you’ll get when you plug in a USB C cable. It can be anything from low power USB 2.0 to full on Thunderbolt 4 with 100W charging.

Thank you for confirming my fears :upside_down_face:

I don’t think I’d ever stick anything into my phone’s USB C port. Even with the iPad I only charge it through the keyboard as that’s cheaper to replace

I’ve never had a single issue with my USB-C cables snapping, lighting on the other hand… they always fray, even if you get the decent ones :smiley:

For the moment, I have these: Universal 3 in 1 Multi USB Cable Fast Charger Type C Lead For IOS, Samsung Phone | eBay

Does my iPhone and USB-C Mac and Android phone, can even have all 3 devices plugged in at the same time

They do other cable types too.


I don’t know what people who say this do with their cables? I still have/use the one from my 5S and there’s no sign of fraying


No idea, maybe people over stretch the cable (think, using your phone on the sofa)

Gets used in a car.