iPhone 15

I don’t know what people who say this do with their USB C ports :wink:.


I’m normally first in line for the new iPhone every year but managed to hold off on the 14 pro, hoping I can hold off next year as well…


The massive price increases have definitely helped keep me less interested. But I have to say I’m just still really happy with my 13PM, and don’t really feel any pain points with it.


What massive price increase?

Probably means the £150 (I think) price increase from 13 Pro to 14 pro.

I’m very happy with my 13 Pro to be honest, not sure what would make me upgrade at this point.


£150 more for the baseline PM this year .

I guess massive is a relative term, but it’s a lot to me!


I too am more than happy with my 13 PM, I don’t have any issues with it. I even have a few apps sideloaded to get youtube ad free, etc

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I think next time I do upgrade it will be for the Max model but that alone isn’t enough for me to ditch my 13 Pro.

For me, the 13PM is like the original iPad 11 Pro.

It’s so good that I just don’t have the compelling need to upgrade continually any more.