[iOS] Inconsistent capitalisation on Accounts tab

The Account Tab of the iOS App for current accounts uses different text formats between Current Account and Pots. (See images below)

I would personally prefer all accounts/Pots to not use capital letters on buttons.


Knowing when to use capital letters and when not to, is the difference between helping your Uncle Jack off a horse and…


I imagine its only temporary till this goes live and probably just a side effect of some things being in flux between the two designs (it looks like the new stuff is getting capitalised, wouldn’t surprise me if they wanted to update the pin/card number string sooner to be clearer but didn’t want to have to change it again to capitalise it so soon after!)

I find “PIN & card number” is quite sloppy and unprofessional. I would rather it read something like “Reveal Details”/“Reveal” (the big card image above should be a clue as to the fact it means card details) - or we consider both the PIN and the Card Number as “Reminders” - I don’t like the ampersand, or the fact the text spans 2 lines - all others are single words.

The other idea would be to use the formal term “Card Services” but that could be taken in different ways by different people, and would technically encompass some of the other buttons.

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I’ll go out on a risk limb and wonder if this part of the UI didn’t have much in the way of product design overview. Technically the description is correct but its not very in keeping with the rest of the UI/user focused experience I’ve come to expect from Monzo, and it’s all the more glaring for that (a back handed compliment I know)