[iOS] Accessing a settled Tab causes error

App 2.36.1
iOS 12.1.4

In my app I have a settled Shared Tab which was created and held a single bill in error previously and has caused no issues.

I was just poking around the latest app and found myself in my settled tab to discover that the app errors and the only way to resolve is force quit the app and reopen - error screen below.


This happens when you go right the way down to the breakdown/summary page eg Payments > Shared > Settled > Shared Tab name

Just tested this on my iPhone 7 with iOS 12.1.3 and App 2.36.1 #509.

I only have one settled tab but it loads perfectly. I suspect your issue may be around the specific tab so probably best reporting through the in-app chat so the :mondo: team can look at it.


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I’ve got 3 tabs, and no problems accessing any of them. :slight_smile: