[Android] Unable to leave a settled shared tab

Issue: I am unable to leave a shared tab despite the fact that the balance was settled in a lump sum. I also cannot edit the tab and remove payments. Both methods present the error saying that I am still owed money when I am not.

Details to reproduce: Created a shared tab back before Christmas for my partner and I to split the bill with each other - on gifts we purchased for other people - in bulk. After we were done, she used the in-tab option to settle the tab in a lump sum which she did. It came through to my Monzo account in that lump sum. The tab automatically changed its status to ‘settled’ but each item on the list still says I am owed money. The tab also still appears on my shared tab list - I’d like to remove it and keep things clean.

OS: Android
Device: Wileyfox Swift 2X
App Version: 2.35.1