Invest in Mondo

Can you share more information in terms of the expected return on investment?

could go up, could go down …like any other investment - would you have invested in the early funding rounds of Facebook wanting to know how much your investment would be worth today and then decided it was too risky because nobody could tell you what your initial investment would be worth later ? :slight_smile: at the moment Monzo is a working idea , its got 100,000 + user some 60% active users , they intend to expand rapidly , whether that will come to fruition who knows if it does they could be a potential gold mine , if they don’t they could go bust - if it was a guaranteed return on investment you wouldn’t be able to buy 25% of this funding round for £22m

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I missed on the opportunity in March to invest in the company, do I have an alternative choice or other options?

Not right now, I’m afraid. We may do more crowdfunding rounds in the future though.


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