Introducing Strong Customer Authentication: What you need to know

New rules for all banks, including Monzo, mean we’ll start increasing security around using your account and making payments. So the way you log into the Monzo app is changing, and we’ll ask you to regularly prove your identity by reauthenticating. There’s more on it here:


Prove your identity regularly in the app by entering your PIN

:sob: :sob: :sob:


How regularly? If it’s any more than once a decade, no thanks. I’ll opt out.


You can’t opt out, tis the law. Hope it’s not too regular when just using the app or it will get very annoying.


Great - another way to make every banking app more annoying :sob:


So now the app doesn’t have any advantage over Starling? Got it.


I mean nowhere in this post does it say they will ask you to log in with your PIN or anything every single time you open the app, so I’d give it a bit before making assumptions like that (presuming that’s the point you’re making).


I mean - It still looks a lot better than starling imo

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Well, looks are really subjective (I am not saying I disagree with you), just some people prefer Starling.

Back when I was choosing between those two, the faster app access tipped the balance into Monzo’s favour.

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yea hence why I said imo :rofl:

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The big unknown here is “regularly”… Would love to know how Monzo define that.

Having to put my password in every single time I make a bank transfer is exhausting…

I can cope with FaceID for most stuff… But it seems like this will add hurdles for no reason (obv not Monzo’s fault… ) :man_shrugging:


I haven’t said it was monzo’s fault, just that the result of the new regulations is such that it makes all apps equally crappy, so then the “challenger” banks will have to compete on pricing and features and that is where Starling will win every time as they subsidise a lot of fees.

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This is pretty frustrating. Thankfully I use 1Password on iOS, so it’s only one more FaceID authentication, rather than manually entering it each time.

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You missed a bit

Prove your identity regularly in the app by entering your PIN, using Face ID or Touch ID on an iPhone, or your fingerprint on Android


I’m not sure this particular “feature” (if you can call lack of authentication a feature) has ever been a selling point…

I don’t see any reason why this will change the sign ups or anything else. Monzo get more than Starling due to their marketing and “appeal” to a younger crowd.

Many people would already argue that Starling is the superior bank (especially around fees) - But that’s for a different thread :smiley:


If this stops that monotonous “magic links are insecure” topic I’m all for it :sweat_smile:


Indeed. And the big question is, at least for me, is it even actually necessary? Given you have to put your PIN in already when you’re actually spending money, why doesn’t this qualify as strong customer verification?

I can understand random challenges when paying with contactless or Apple/Google Pay, though they’re annoying (the fear when I realise I’ve left my wallet at home and so if Google Pay is challenged I’ll have to leave the shop with nothing is real), because normally you can pay without verifying. But as I said above, given you already verify each in-app payment already…

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Can you do that within the Starling app, or is it a case of swapping apps, copying the password and going back to the Starling app (which from memory, is what I do)?

I don’t use Face ID or Touch ID, so I deleted those from the quote as being irrelevant to me.

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You can! Might need to enable it in iOS Settings though. Settings > Password & Accounts > AutoFill Passwords. Then just select 1Password. From now on, whenever you get a password prompt above the keyboard, it’ll use 1Password!

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