Introducing Monzo Premium

You were the one getting so bothered about people seemingly paying £50 quid for one month for a card and features they don’t want.



I have always found leather wallets keep scuffing off cards. I guess the best solution for me might be a Metal Curve card. Not that I want it or need it Just keep using Gpay I suppose

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Investor or not, everyone is allowed an opinion, regardless of what you may believe.

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If anyone can point to the purpose of Monzo’s metal card which isn’t just to show to other people that you’ve ‘got a metal card’ I’d be interested to hear it.


I wonder what the next Plus/Premium feature will be :crystal_ball:

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Additional fees… :rofl::joy::rofl::joy::joy:


Personal appeal.

I think if you’re looking for a “purpose” you’re already looking for the wrong thing.


This gets us back to the original Monzo idea of a marketplace for financial goods and services.

Would’ve been nice to see, instead of aiming for a really mass market approach. Maybe we’ll get to see it one day…

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Having a card that does not need replacing so often - Also why can’t they do longer expiry dates? Is it some sort of FCA crap? Bus pass can be 10 years but Debit card is 3-4? If it’s Metal can’t it be say 10?

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I’m glad Monzo is taking steps to address profitability while providing more value to us.

Are there any resources on how Monzo’s mission and strategy come together? One of the main reasons I would go for Premium is to support a bank that is focussed on value for us, in contrast to the big 4.

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This has been discussed a lot through the thread but I think the consensus is it’s probably not on the cards.

Bear in mind premium accounts work on the basis that a lot of people needing them won’t actually need that level of insurance, so the insurers are happy to offer it at a much lower cost. If someone was specifically selecting the policies, they probably need that level of cover so the price is then just going to be the same.

For most people, having a premium account will mean being over insured, but possibly at a cost which is the same or not much higher than buying tilde correct individual policies.

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I agree. I like Monzo - I just had to verify my card for Paypal so no more 4 days waiting I had to wait all of 30 seconds to get the code and put it in. If like you I knew they actually valued us I would sign up. I do believe that supporting the little guy is better than the big guy… To me Monzo is the little bank. Probably only makes sense to me.

Also i’d personally prefer cash back like Curve does rather than insurance I didn’t need. I don’t travel anywhere so that’s pointless for me. If Curve was a bank account I might well have gone there. It’s 1p less PM but has more value features for me - Hire car waiver might come in handy

They tried that approach with the earlier version of Monzo Plus and it failed, so they scrapped it. It’s disappointing that the failures seems to have been pinned on the approach and not their poor offering, poor implementation, and poor handling of it.

I to would love to see it return. The ability to add on the metal card, or just one of the insurance products onto the base version of plus for a few extra quid a month would have been nice. Insurance is just always going to exclude someone due to eligibility criteria and the strict rules surrounding misselling.


Just had to use my new card (and not apple pay) for the first time since upgrading.

Very much had a reaction of “ooooh new white monzo card, how’d you get that?!”

Which reading between the lines I took to mean “Oooh, you are so Premium and High Status. I am in awe of you and your new card. Can you please tap it on various surfaces so I can hear the premium sound it makes”.

Either way though, much like all the other flavours of Plus, people spot “New monzo colour”.


A waitress noticed my Plus card and commented on it.

Thankfully she didn’t ask what Plus is good for because I’d have had to explain that I only pay so I can have a spreadsheet of my spending and then the benefits of Index/Match vs Vlookp and how SUMIF and SUMIFS use different orders for the formula.


Sorry, you didn’t explain the benefits of Index/Match?

I can’t even…


So lets say you’re trying to find the Jack Daniels and someone says its to the left…

Then she just walked off. Someone must have called her name or she had a sudden rush to go and fix her own model and remove the helper columns.