Introducing Extra, Perks and Max

I can hear you ClemFandango. I might jump back to Starling when they let me back. I do find the Virtual Cards really useful. I have 2 one for Commuting and one for Subscriptions.

But the fact they are free on Starling and you get Interest on your current account and you aren’t overdrawn if you have enough money in your spaces… means I won’t be sticking around with Monzo… sadly I have to wait until Feb 2025 to re-open Starling


I’m in the same boat. Best I have come across so far is Algbra who will give you 1.5% back on TFL if you use apple pay. Curve I think let you choose TFL as a cashback choice, and of course Chase would just give you 1% on Debit Card anyway


I may be completely wrong here but I seem to remember not getting any cashback when I used Chase on TfL last time I visited London/

You made me doubt myself so I check in the app. I got 16p on 14 May with TFL so think it’s fine. It’s certainly not on their list of exclusions. Cashback Exclusions | Legal | Chase UK

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Disabled Railcards are only available through the RDG site or via post.

Though, you can get discounted disabled railcard and other railcards through tesco, RDG partnered with Tesco as a clubcard rewards partner.

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Apologies - didn’t wish to doubt you. It was just my recollection that I hadn’t received anything but I may well have been wrong.


Hi Carmella - welcome to the forum.

Can I suggest please that you change your name details, as it’s currently showing your full email address, which you ought to remove for security’s sake.

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No worries at all, more than happy to be challenged, you can check the rewards in the app not sure how far back you can go

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Why the discrimination against older customers? I would live to upgrade to Max but I’m outside the age limits. 70 is the new 40, wake up Monzo.

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Because of the insurance.


Claimed my first free Greggs beverage. Wasn’t sure if it would work in a Greggs inside a petrol station :person_shrugging:t3:


Yeah, but it’s so arbitrary. I’m fitter and more able than many younger people.

You probably are, but the Insurance industry doesn’t reflect this, at least with mass-purchased policies. Monzo don’t make the rules on this.


It’s the opposite of arbitrary. Your assessment is arbitrary.


How so?


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So it’s now the 23rd, no reminders to activate hot coral yet… Might order the Max card then downgrade back to Extra on the 1st. :eyes:

I’ve been wondering about this, as I’m weary of using Trainline having heard issues about wrong tickets being issued and their fees for future travel.

Having both a family and two together Railcard which I now use Tesco vouchers to buy more that I’ve got a Tesco across the road reduces the value of the perk. One of the reasons we have the mobile version of the Railcard is so that we can have it on both phones and we don’t need to remember who has the physical family Railcard when traveling with kids, or got a backup when traveling together of the other person’s phone should the battery run out.

If the Railcard was with the main app rather than a third party is consider switching.

I often use Greggs especially with the kids but not often enough to make it worthwhile possibly, or I’d get moaned at for going there too often.

With Zopa having a higher interest rate with instant access in not really using the Monzo savings, so not worth paying for the higher rate at the moment.

So ultimately I’d be better off downgrading at the moment.

I, briefly, investigated signing up for Extra the other day. I’ve got to say it was a nice experience including the flow, configuration and setup.

For a finance app, it would be great.

I would really like max to to be a lil more VFM in terms of level of travel coverage and price, but will be keeping a keen eye on its development.

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The compare feature when looking at the plans doesn’t say anywhere that lounge access is now removed so you might want to update that to make it clear that feature is removed.

Is there no way to tailor these perks instead of them being decided for us? Otherwise we are paying for things we don’t need or use? I want lounge access but don’t need breakdown cover cause I have a company car, I don’t eat Greggs but like travel and phone cover. Shame about the metal card but understand the reasons why if there are issues with it.

Be good if you could cost each one up and then let people select them like when you add things to home insurance and the quote goes up and down.

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