Introducing Extra, Perks and Max

It’s a hill I’m willing to die on, I’d take the standard hot coral over burnt coral.


It’s so good I’m almost tempted to go up and back down and then hope I can dismiss the notification and keep it.

That’s what I am attempting with the Perks card now I have downgraded to Extra. I’ll let you know how it goes.


I ordered a burnt coral but stuck with standard hot coral.

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How’s the card pestering going?

I’ve hard to get a new card and I can’t get another yellow, so I’ve got hot coral coming :frowning:

It’s not asked me a single time to activate it yet, my delivery window was 15-23rd so it may start if I don’t activate it by the 23rd.

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I want to get the max card as my metal card is super discoloured but I’m also just way too lazy to change my card details on a millions different subscriptions etc … very first world problems here!

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That’s part of my thinking now that I’m being forced into a new card, do I do it now and get the card I want :thinking:

Do it. :eyes:

Well this has ruined my future card plans. :sob:


Got extra now and thankfully doesnt do card upgrade i have my yellow card.

Two yellows make a red.

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Any chance of making the Network Railcard available?

It is, that’s what I got with my Max plan

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Oh excellent

cough Virtual Cards cough

Sorry, had something stuck in my throat. :wink:


If Virtual Cards were made free then I’d certainly be quite happy to join but I can’t justify paying for something that is free at Revolut and Starling.

I can’t imagine that “45,000 customers” insisted on keeping Virtual Cards as a paid feature.

If virtual cards were free you’d be happy to join Monzo? Or Perks/Max/Extra?

I’d join Monzo if Virtual Cards were free, absolutely.

I find them extremely useful but there’s little point in going from a bank where I can use them for free to a bank where I’d have to pay for the privilege.

The railcard perk almost got me to make the jump to an upgraded account, then I realised disabled railcards aren’t included.

I know that’s a flaw of Trainline’s rather than Monzo’s choice, but I’m disappointed that you’ve chosen to partner with a company that doesn’t offer the full range of railcards.

Households which include a disabled person pay an average of £975 more than those with no disabled members. That’s a lot of money for basic survival, so paying more for a money saving option that excludes me isn’t appealing!

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