Introducing Extra, Perks and Max

Monzo tried this and it didn’t work, the way it is now is how it’ll stay, they may change whats included but it won’t be a pick and mix style.

Personally if airport lounges were still included I’d go for Max Family. This way I’m going for nothing as FlexPlus or even RBS Platinum gives better value.


The fact they aren’t listed, is enough that they aren’t included…

Also, I believe, if you go through the upgrade process it lists what you lose out on - as someone posted somewhere in the last 1404 comments.


Ok cool maybe in the future it could be looked at again, it’s not quite for me so will stay premium for now but understand they can’t tailor for everyone

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End of the day it’s got to make money so people who sub to Max but never use X feature are helping with that.

Me too! The lounge access is a nice touch and I don’t need car recovery

Am I going insane or is the Perks gradient on the Home Screen animated now?

The Max one is animated too, I like it

I lost my metal card :frowning:


Can you get a video of it? :eyes:

Hopefully this works…

Watch the lighter blue shift on the background

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Fancy :grinning:

Is it parallax driven by the device gyroscope, or does it just move on its own?

It just moves on its own.

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Home, Trends & Max (possibly Perks & extra?) have the ‘Northern Lights’ background.

Payments and Help don’t. Boy, do those 2 need some attention

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Does anyone know, if I sign up for Max family and set up the breakdown, does it matter that it’s my wife’s car and her insurance?

Also we have a holiday booked and insurance paid for, will it cause problems with the Max travel insurance?

Does anyone else feel the sudden urge to sub to Max today?

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Fallen for your own subliminal messaging, have we? :rofl:

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Well I’m full Monzo and our breakdown cover ends in July so seems a good fit considering I have Extra all ready…

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