Introduce yourself 👋

It is very different indeed. I was shocked the first time I changed my PIN that it was an automated phone service to do it.

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Hi there. I thought I was signing up to my account - which I want to check. Think I must be in the wrong place (still got the Christmas lurgy…). Please can you advise. Much appreciated!

To check your account you need to open the monzo app

If it’s the web version you need then

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Howdy, similar to others I’ve been using Monzo since the pre-paid BETA but relatively new to the forums so thought I would pop in a message.

Really like Monzo and how it integrates so well with other services. Not so much a question about Monzo but the forums. I posted a Thread about 7 hours ago for an issue in the help category. It was blocked pending moderation review before going live. The thread still doesn’t exist so how long does it realistically take for a moderator to review, or should I have received a message to confirm why it didn’t?

Monzo staff moderate the queue. So it’s likely there will be a wait whilst they visit the forum. Understandably, over the holidays the forum is the lowest priority, even lower then usual! :laughing:

Hello and welcome :wave: by the way!


Thanks for your help with this Emma. Now sorted! :slight_smile:

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Hi all!
I am Andrea, one year ago I moved to UK from Italy and after a couple of months struggling with currencies a friend told me about Monzo. I opened the account the day after and I am still happy to use it!
Now I want to join the community to give some feedback to improve the product :slight_smile:


Hi All,

I’ve just recently switched to Monzo - I’ve been a long term First Direct / HSBC customer and wanted to try something new. I’m really impressed with what Monzo have done and their community lead development process - this is exactly how it should be!

I work in software development and we follow an Agile methodology which has customers at the core of the direction of the product - it’s refreshing to see this happening on a banking application! Great work and looking forward to contributing my ideas to help improve the platform!

P.S. I’ve found using Monzo + Moneydashboard exactly what I need from a banking + budgeting perspective. Check them both out.



Hello :wave: @chilibean
Welcome to Monzo Community, You can apply for an account in the Monzo App, or you can alternatively head to and get the app links from your phone.

Hope that helps,

Hi, Andrea :wave: @Krusty
Welcome to the Monzo Community, your definitely in the right place to leave nay feedback behind to improve Monzo :slight_smile:

Hope you had a lovely new year,

Welcome to the Community @Cullen411 :wave:
Im also really love the Monzo App, i have been Full Monzo for a long time now and its the best choice i made financially in a long time :slight_smile:

Hi I’m wazz from Yorkshire, UK.

New to Monzo and only just come across this community.

My first post, hopefully not that last either.


Hi Wazz & welcome :wave:

I’m from the other ‘shire’ (:rose:), but don’t let that go against me…:see_no_evil::hear_no_evil::speak_no_evil:

This place is an invaluable source of info and help, with a lot of great people. I’m sure you’ll enjoy the forum!

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Welcome Wazz!

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Ey up!
There’s no other ‘shire’ than Yorkshire! :joy:

Bloody Nor’man.

Thanks!, Aye it is. Shocking how I’ve never knew about it all my life!.

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My name is Olammide and I recently opened my Monzo account. The platform has been amazing and seamless.


Just saying hello! :slight_smile:

Looking forward to using Monzo again after having an account in 2018.


Hello everyone, have been using Monzo for a few years now and I can’t be more excited about how it has made my relationship with my spending and sharing money so much better. I look forward to seeing how Monzo is developing and now being part of this community.

I mean really what other bank has a “community” per say to begin with.

Still not entirely sure I can contribute as I just joined, but hey I guess I will have a look around and see how people use this platform and hopefully I can help.

Feel free to reach out, ask a question or whatever really.

Have a cool day y’all

Much love
G x


Hey :wave:

I’m Josh (maybe obvious from the boring username :joy:) and I’ve been using Monzo on and off for about a year. I’ve constantly lurked the forum so I thought it was time to make an account.

I’m thinking of moving my salary over to Monzo shortly! I have a backup HSBC account for paying in cash and the odd cheque but my god is the app terrible compared to Monzo. It’s 2020 and HSBC still doesn’t have pending transactions!

Hope to see you around!


Welcome :wave:

Even if you just give your opinion on stuff, this is really valuable whether you’re new or not. There is plenty going on here so just get stuck in :slight_smile:

Welcome @Josh :wave:

Plenty of people keep an old account open for this very reason, it’s also a good idea to keep it open as having an account open for a long time positively impacts your credit rating :slight_smile:

Come join us on the dark side :laughing:

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Whats up! :wave:

Been a BIG fan of Monzo since day 1 and cannot spread the gospel about this company enough! I’ve had an account since the early Monzo Beta days and am also an Investor! :moneybag:

I use Monzo for everything! Safe to say I’m a big advocate, which is why I introduced my parents, siblings, friends and girlfriend to their Monzo current accounts. I ditched Lloyds Bank after my overdraft fees went up by the best part of 300% per month!!

Plain sailing ever since :sailboat: