Introduce yourself 👋

I did

  • Maths and Further Maths
  • English Language and Literature
  • Biology, Chemistry, Physics
  • Geography
  • Spanish
  • Computer Science
  • Music
  • Religious Studies

I want a 9 (top end of old A*) in Maths, Spanish, Music and Computer Science, and then a 7 (old A) in everything else. Hopefully all goes to plan. :crossed_fingers:


Yeah, I’m actually switching to Monzo mainly due to the amount of control you can have over your spending, like the monthly spending limit you can set. Also, I’m looking forward to using Pots to set aside money for stuff.


Good spread of subjects :+1:

What are your post-GCSE plans?

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You know when you’re getting on a bit when you have no idea on how GCSEs are graded these days!

But good luck - a great spread of subjects and hopefully some high grades! :crossed_fingers:


My plan is to go to 6th form to study A-levels in:

  • Maths
  • Further Maths
  • Physics
  • Computer Science

After 6th form, I want to do a degree in Computer Science. My dream uni is Cambridge, but we’ll see how it goes.


Just created an account as I have something of interest (in my opinion) to share about Revolut.

I’m now considering Monzo. Last time I looked at Monzo last year it did not have a banking license. Since then I noticed it obtained one (congrats!) and I also noticed something I really liked, which was when the community was asked to vote in the decision regarding ATM withdrawals. I haven’t kept updated otherwise so will do a more thorough research than I did when I joined Revolut.

EDIT: Revolut info about censoring posted here but a moderator merged it in another thread (:disappointed:) here: Revolut is now censoring criticism


Hi! Was just checking out some detail about using my Monzo card in Nice. Have used it here before, also in Berlin, but going to New York in October and wondering about Monzo in USA?

Hi @Hylda and welcome to the forums! Not many issues reported with Monzo in the states. I used it myself in January in New York with no problems at all just variations in authentication when using the card (some places ask for chip and signature, some just signature, some pin and some nothing!)

Hey Andy, I’m from Glasgow though not living there right now sadly. What about Monzo on :apple: Pay in the States please?

It’s not something I actually used. This thread is all about using Monzo in USA so should have all the info you need!

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Apple Pay would behave almost exactly like a Mastercard contactless card. So all the quirks that apply to cards would also apply to Apple Pay/Google Pay.

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Cheers Andy, much appreciated. I do love Monzo!

Hi New to Monzo just got a new bank account and shiny bright pink bank card. Out to make make my first transactions tonight! :grinning:
Just joined this community space and now feeling my way around the site.
So, hello to my new Monzo community I hope to chat with you sometime soon.

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Hi, I’ve just joined and have no idea what I’m doing… :crazy_face: I wanted to find out about the Monzo card to use on holiday after watching Martin Lewis on tv. But I’m not sure if I’m looking at the right card. I thought it was a credit card but it seems to be a debit card is that right??

Hello :grin:

Monzo is an awesome current account that also happens to offer fee-free payments abroad (free ATM withdrawals are capped to 200£ per month, after which there is a 3% charge).

If you’re looking for a modern current account with instant notifications, spending analytics & brilliant customer service, go for it!

If you purely want a travel card you may want to go with Starling Bank instead, as they also offer fee-free payments abroad but also don’t cap ATM withdrawals.


Off the back of @anon23935806 post, this may be worthwhile reading. It provides a list of specialist cards just for abroad use only, also some credit cards that are good too.

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I really doubt any travel card could beat Starling. Travel card providers have for sole revenue their cards and the fees they can tack on them - surely there would be fees somewhere.

Starling on the other hand makes the bulk of their money off overdraft fees and their business services (accounts, FPS payment gateway, etc), which means they can keep their current account completely free.


Hi :wave: I’ve just joined Monzo and am finding things a little different from what I’ve been used to. Hopefully there won’t be any issues.


Hey @JustinB :wave:t3:

Hopefully they are good differences :slightly_smiling_face:.

Let us know your thoughts as you go on.

If you have any questions give the forum a search using the :mag_right: in the top right (chances are it’s been asked before). If not feel free to create a thread and someone will help