Intelligent budgeting

When it is said that one of the features is “Intelligent budgeting”, Does it just consist in the classification of the spenses? Is forecasting available? any other functionality?

By the moment, I only know that they monitor spenses… but, any thing else?

There’s a few ‘intelligent’ features that Monzo offers users, to enable them plan & monitor their spend more accurately.

There’s the Targets feature (which is on the roadmap for Android users here) -


  • Shows your average monthly spend for each of your categories + your total spend, when you’re setting your Targets so that you know what target to set
  • Alerts you when you are spending too fast to beat your Target, at any given point in the month, based on this formula
  • Obviously you can then adjust your Targets for the next month, based on your performance in the previous months
  • I suppose the automatic assignment of categories to your transactions, which then feeds into Targets is intelligent too

There’s also the Pulse Graph (which is on the roadmap for Android users here) -


  • Includes a trendline which predicts when your balance is likely to reach 0, based on the current pace of your spending. That will become even more useful when overdrafts are launched & Monzo is able to offer to lend you enough money to cover your remaining spending before the end of the month.


  • Can also be used to compare the current pace of your spending with the previous month’s, if you top up the same amount each time you top up.
  • Hugo’s shared his plans for how this feature will evolve once the current accounts launch here -

This is just the start though, once Monzo starts applying the same machine learning (#buzzword) techniques that it uses to prevent fraud + spot when you’re travelling abroad and also, simply building the next versions of these features, they will become a lot more intelligent :nerd:

I hope I’ve answered your question there?

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