Instant access saving rate

Are Monzo thinking of upping the instant access savers rate from 3.2%? I see Chip have theirs set at 3.55% are Monzo going to match to compete?

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HSBC online bonus saver at 3.5% (provided no withdrawals that month)

If they are going to increase the rate, it will just happen. They aren’t going to reply to these sorts of questions.


Personally, I don’t see Monzo increasing rates any time soon.

They are higher than Chase atm.

Monzo gets a small “commission” on their third party savings accounts, and this money is lost in providing their own directly, so I expect their rates to be tempered somewhat.

My easy access savings are spread over 3.75%, 3.50%, 3.20% and 3.10% accounts all for various reasons.

I’m not sure I would transfer more to Monzo, even if they increased to 3.50%, as I’m getting that elsewhere and Monzo is not my spending account.

As @Revels said, Monzo are unlikely to debate it on the forum first anyway. Just do it.

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