Insights for business replacing trends

This appeared in my business account today. It refers to seeing income and spending over “time periods that matter to [me]”. But like trends it only seems to give the option of whole month, whole calendar year, or whole tax year. The ability to view my company’s financial year would be great but, just like in trends, this unfortunately seems not to be an option.


Hi Chris :wave: Appreciate your feedback here, it’s really helpful! I’m Toby, one of the engineers in the team that’s been working on Insights, and this is something we’ve been hearing from a few users (i.e. wanting to view Insights data over a custom financial year) - we’re now looking into it more, and hoping to add functionality to support this in the future.

Thanks again, and let us know if you have any more feedback around Insights - the best way is to fill in the survey at the bottom of the Insights screen (by tapping ‘Share your thoughts’), so we don’t miss anything :blush: Cheers!

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