Incorrect Open Banking mapping for Monzo Flex

Looks like the mapping for the new Monzo Flex AISP interface is wrong. My balance is showing as Available Credit and the balance field is blank.

That’s for them to solve, not monzo. It’s how they read the data.

In Halifax and Lloyds apps my spent balance minus interest shows as the available balance.

Doesn’t show my limit of available actual balance, nor interest applied.

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This is Halifax as well. I guess it could be an issue at the receiving end but every other credit card shows correctly and it is Monzo who are new to the game. I am going to test it somewhere else and report back.

Monzo Flex works rather differently as each flex purchase is a loan internally opposed to just taking from a credit limit.

Tried it on the Moneyhub App and it works fine so the issue must be with the Halifax interpretation of the Monzo data as you said.

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