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Revisiting the TARGETS section of Monzo, which for me will probably become a really important part of the money management process especially when:
Direct Debits, Standing Orders and Custom Categories are added. On that note please also add Custom Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly running outgoing totals, would be really useful. I’m bang into Monzo creating a new type of banking experience and it’s essential that Monzo empowers users to manage their finances on a sound footing. I read that Monzo is going to offer overdrafts and it made me think that Monzo should also focus on SOLVENCY. Adding a Financial Healthiness Visualizer to the Targets area linked to a pot of cash (an emergency fund) based against outgoings would encourage you to spend less than you earn. Just my 10 pence worth today.

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Two weekly, Four weekly, Quarterly and Half Yearly as well

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In the targets section it would also be good if the targets could be savings targets and not just spending targets. I use a savings app called PiggyPot and while I like using it to save up for stuff if would be great if you could do all of the above within your Monzo bank account.


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This is in the works :tada:

Monzo certainly are going to offer overdrafts, there’s more details about what they’ll look like (& a request for feedback) here -

Just to let you know, you will be alerted if you’re spending too fast by this functionality. And once you have transactions from the 1st to the last day of any given month, you’ll see the Pulse Graph which has a forecast displaying the date when your balance will reach 0, based on your current spending pattern.

How would the emergency fund be linked to your Targets? I’d be interested to hear more about how this would work :spy:


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Virtual savings pots are on the way too, they’re here in the roadmap. Funnily enough, they will be an extension of Targets, here’s what the head of Monzo’s design team’s planning -

there’s been some more discussion about the feature here too

please do add your thoughts there if you have any more suggestions :clipboard:


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Thanks for the replies.
Interesting reading.

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Hi All,

I couldn’t see anyone else asking for this, but apologies if I missed it. I would like the ability to be able to reset the targets based on my own schedule.

i.e I get paid on the 25th of each month, I want my targets to be shown for the month till next pay day, not the calendar month.



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It has been mentioned before but no worries :slight_smile:

A solution’s on the way -



Amazing, thanks for the heads up!

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