I pay £10 on groceries, partner gives me £5 for their half

(Christopher Talbot) #3

Ah that’s great, thanks! So if I’m right, there’s a possibility this is being worked on for Bill Splitting, and could happen soon (ish).

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(Alex Sherwood) #4

Yes, I think this is pretty key for that so that’s my guess too :pray:

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(Andrew Ross) #5

Bill splitting - It’s available now on the iPhone update.


(Alex Sherwood) #6

Yes but only version 0 which is essentially faster Monzo.me links…as today’s blog post mention’s Hugo’s working on version 1 now :tada:

This is just the first step towards full Monzo bill splitting functionality and we’re working hard on the next iteration already.

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(Andrew Ross) #7

Indeed - but it’s a step further than it was yesterday now! :slight_smile:


(Christopher Talbot) #8

A few months down the line, just wondering if there’s a proposed update to categorising incoming money?Going back through my usage of Monzo which has hit 1 solid year now, not a single month of Monzo spending is accurate because of receiving money from my partner and flatmates for various bills and payments. Would be great to know there’s a solution coming, so I can go back over the previous spending and also have a fix for future spending and usage.

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(Jolin) #9

I think this is going to be a current account thing (though no information I’m aware of saying whether at launch or after). In general, I wouldn’t expect any new features before the current accounts, which seem to be imminent. But as far back as October, Hugo acknowledged that targets need to be able to reflect the amount you are responsible for, not simply your transaction amount. So I think it’s fair to assume that this is a priority in improving the targets and bill splitting.

Personally, I’ve had to disable targets, as I have too many expenses or split bills, and so it requires constant manual adjusting. That sort of input requirement on my part is exactly why I don’t use budgeting software. I think if Monzo want the targets feature to be useful, it will have to be really frictionless, and that includes accounting for repayments you get (and splitting transactions between categories).

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(Simon B) #10

That’s correct, we aren’t planning any new feature launches for prepaid. We’re all hard at work building for the current account :grinning:


Release Notes
Apple Pay - Any updates?
Transaction Details Screen
Acknowledge alpha/beta testers?
(Tom ) #11

That’s great to hear!



Is there a way that when I split (for example) a Tesco shop with my flatmate only the half of the shop I paid for is added to my target amount… Currently the app is registering that I’m paying for the full shop, when I’m actually only paying for half, which basically makes the whole monthly target thing pointless.


(Matt) #13

Over 12 months now since the feedback about targets only registering what you’re responsible for instead of per transaction. Any updates? :grin:


(Emma (still not the app)) #14

Possibly on this

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(Dave Olson) #15


To add to this - is there any intention to keep payment splits/requests within the app so you don’t have to create a monzo.me link within messenger. Sometime this is a bit buggy and doesn’t open the correct page within Monzo if you click the link.

If this was sorted as well as the app intelligently changing the amount that your grocerie/eating out etc. outgoings were based on bill splits were that would be perfect for budgeting.


(Alicia Prior) #16

My boyfriend and I both use Monzo and take turns to pay for things i.e groceries then just split to bill, which is great and easy.
However if I buy the groceries in my summary it adds the whole amount, and the money he gives me goes into my income, which just skews the summary really.

Is there a way of linking his payment to the original and taking it away from my groceries category to make it representative. I tend to use my card more for the shopping as I like building my coin jar up.


(Marcus) #17

It’s a great idea and you’re not alone. There’s a lot of posts just like this!

I’ve not seen anything from Monzo about this just yet, but a few people have said they are working on this as well as grouping transactions such as Coin Jar payments, or multiple transactions at the same place in a short space of time.

They have ‘improved bill splitting’ on the road map for within 6 months and this has been talked about since monzo.me was released so hopefully it’s sooner rather than later.

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(Jun Siang Cheah) #18

If you tag the transfer with the same category as your groceries it should offset the spending in summary.

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(Daniel Schramm) #19

This only works if the incoming transfer is from a Monzo user. Transfers from non-Monzo stay in “Income”.


(Rumee Ahmed) #20

In the beta you can use bill splitting for non-monzo users on iOS. I am yet to use this, but I presume it works the same was it does with Monzo users.


(Matthew Jones) #21

You can just ask the cashier to charge half to each card :man_shrugging:t2:


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