I am going to the USA any help would be greatly appreciated

Hi guys.

I have read the monzo in USA wiki page. I am going to Miami soon and i am really worried about some stuff.

1st. When I withdraw money at the ATM, how does it work. Will the Atm give me an optiom to use their rate or the bank rate? In this case should I pick ghe card/bank rate so I get the mastercard rate?

2nd. The wiki page metions atms will charge to withdraw money. I thought monzo absorbs this fee?

3rd. Paying at restraunts and shops with the card should be a breeze? The wiki page metions some hiccups but overall should be okay?

I probably have some other questions but I am a bit nervous and I am going in a few days. If i remember any, I will post them here.

I have never really used monzo aboard and normally take a wad of exchanged cash with me on holidays. I never have withdrawed money at forign atms. I am a bit of a noob at holidays xd.

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I’m not sure many ATMs will give you the option of who’s exchange rate to use. If you use a standard ATM you should already be receiving the MasterCard rate.

Unfortunately we aren’t able to take on fees that are set by the ATM directly. Most of these ATMs will display a fee before you withdraw and we aren’t able to bypass that for you.

Generally you shouldn’t have any issues at all using your card for transactions in shops and restaurants. Sometimes we come across restaurants that end up charging customer’s twice (once with the tip and once without) but these charges are always refunded.

If you have any issues whatsoever don’t hesitate to open up a chat with us in the app :+1: