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That’s one gripe I have with all of the HSBC global apps. They’re really not optimised for speed - I guess it’s a security thing in their minds. The app needs to download everything rather than just show you what the app had on its last load. Not a fan of that.

I really would much prefer apps that open instantly.

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Thats interesting, I’m finding the speed is faster. I think it can be improved, like auto-login with face-id on app open for example. Would shave load time.


I’ve thought this for a long time - it happens with Touch ID but not Face ID for some reason!

Yes very odd. It does make a big difference. I’ve given feedback on there survey site so will see if anything comes of it.


That can’t happen for platform reasons. HSBC only allows a single ‘online banking’ log in. Auto logon on the app would log you out of PC online banking and you may just be opening the app for a Secure Key code - not to logon.

Current implementations sure, there isn’t any logical reason why they couldn’t move the secure key to inside the logged in area as well, give users a choice. You still need your faceid to generate a code or password so its the same concept. Other banks allow multiple logins. It just seems daft. Technically I’m not sure how they do things on the backend.


There’s already a way around this.

A haptic-touch long press on the app icon gives you the option to “Generate Security Code”. This should go straight to the Secure Key.

Just opening the app should start logging in automatically. 90% of the time you are using the app because you want the app, not to authorise an online banking login.

Their current setup wastes time the majority of the time to cater for a smaller minority of use cases.

Got this today


Looks awful, not sure what HSBCs designers were on. Also to me it seems the logo isn’t even fully centred, there seems to be a smaller gap on the left than on the right


You’re right it’s not centred :man_facepalming:

That is one of the worst cards I have seen.


I call this out whenever I see it so don’t take this personally. You don’t have OCD. Be more thoughtful please, OCD is a dangerous (sometimes fatal) psychosis and you shouldn’t make light of it.


Didn’t realise I had to air my full daily life struggles on an open forum.

Take a chill and don’t be so literal.

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I really don’t like those new card designs.

That brand new HK vertical lion design really looks great. I don’t see why they didn’t just use that design worldwide if they wanted to do verticals.


Sorry, but I agree with the other user. People using OCD so freely in this way really undermines how serious the condition is and makes people completely misunderstand it.


I have a family member with OCD. If you did, you wouldn’t joke about it, believe me.


You don’t. I like things to be nice and tidy and everything balanced and in their “proper” place. In the past, I’ve jokingly referred to that as OCD.

I spent some time with someone who had the condition a while back, and came to realise that it wasn’t something to joke about.

I know you weren’t joking, and that you were just making light of the fact that you found the design a bit jarring. I think others were just pointing out that they find OCD being made light of a bit jarring, too.

I’m getting old now, but I still find that every day is a learning day. And I think that is a good thing.


People aren’t getting offended over nothing. People are pointing out that it isn’t right to use OCD in that way.

This is your chance to learn. Please use it.

EDIT - The comment I was replying to appears to have been deleted.


Stops the snowflakes causing a scene.

But yes, the card design is unsatisfactory against the eye, being mildly off centre and can be irritable for some.


Or you could just apologise when you’ve offended folk, as opposed to rather predictably digging in? No worries. I don’t expect you will. Like I said it wasn’t personal. Have a great day, friend.