How/Will Monzo convince the older generation to switch?

That’s a good point actually. There are many people with bank accounts that have been open since the '30s, perhaps earlier; as much as I like Monzo I’m sceptical it will last even as long as that, nevermind however much older than that those other banks are.

Most anticipatable ‘death’ in my view would be:

  • Acquired by BigBank
  • BigBank promises to keep Monzo nimble and modern
  • Monzo is modern for a while; inevitably stagnates
  • Hip new Mozon has broken out in the meanwhile, criticising BigBank and aiming to be ‘proper modern’
  • This forum’s users are mostly Mozonaughts, with a handful of loyalists sticking behind
  • Loyalists are fed up with stagnation, jump ship
  • BigBank closes ends Monzo’s operations, promising to fold technology and expertise into BigBank
  • Process repeats; Zonom is born
  • :champagne: HNY! 2018 begins!

(Last point especially is hopefully obviously exaggerated…)

Everything that’s ‘hip’ or ‘modern’ feels rather ephemeral. Wide open to challenge because as soon as it’s popular it’s no longer ‘hip’, and as soon as it’s been around long it’s no longer ‘modern’.