How we’ll work towards our quarterly goals

After sharing our company goals yesterday, we also wanted to give you some context about how we actually use them to shape the work we do over the next three months. Have a read and let us know if you have any questions! :smiley:


Great post, thanks for giving us an insight.
It really shows how team goals and company goals work in relation to each other.

Looking forward to the enhancements coming to the Monzo app.

I hope you reach your goals :star2:


Minor typo in penultimate paragraph of blog post: should be 16th July

Very interesting. Thanks!!

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This is great to see, and really put @tristan’s post yesterday in context.

Thank you! Interested in seeing how this exercise in transparency works in practice…


🤦fixed thank you!

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Ironic that the product paragraph features a picture of the graph and then talks about “making sure everyone that installs Monzo can understand and engage with our features” when that’s the least understood feature in the entire app.

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