How we hire product designers

@zancler explains the process that helps us hire incredible product designers!


Thank you for sharing, I think is very positive when companies share their processes.

Home assignment? workshop?

The “designers’ market” must be really bad. Such a long and “painful” process for the candidates. They have to give so much of their time to Monzo. One day, everyone is hiring like Facebook or Google even if just a small company.

Plus, hope you pay for candidates’ time.


I agree, if there are any insights on the process for other roles that would be great.

I’m currently a product owner of an application but in a very different area of the finance world. I’d like to think my skills are transferable but knowing the process would help.

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Arguably the most ridiculous, over-engineered hiring process I’ve ever heard of. And I’m not alone. Congratulations on self-imposing a drastic reduction on the pool of talented people you have to select from.


You didn’t get the job then?


I’m not sure you understand the situation. Yes it’s a lot more onerous than most companies processes. But Monzo has the luxury of receiving an unusually large number of applications from people who are especially keen to work for them. That enables them to use a process that maximises the chance of finding the best possible person for the role.



When you say you’re “not alone”, do you mean:

a) you saw that tweet and were so incensed by it you had to sign up to the forum and post
b) did you find the blog post and then seek out like minded individuals?

Genuinely curious.


Could be…

c) Dave Ferguson is Nick Clement

:thinking: :socks:


Wow, glad I’m not a designer looking for work.

Some parts seem to make sense and I’d be okay with. Questions, CV, example exercise. I think if all of that goes okay it should then just be interview and done.

The order of it all seems so odd as well.

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Nope I am. Let’s not start anything silly. I’m a Monzo (since it was Mondo) customer and a designer and I just found the process extremely one sided and was a touch surprised by said process. I didn’t expect that to blow up as it did.

No interview process is perfect. With some work I’m sure it could be within the team.

Great response from one of the team -


It was a comment on how many sock puppets we see today.

To contribute to this discussion I’ve given many interviews over the years where the developer has been asked to demonstrate their skills. It instantly reveals people who bullshit on their cv, or once did a one day course on PHP and think they’re instantly a senior developer.
You can spot the people who don’t do well on tests and try other approaches to talk through how they would achieve the solution and give them another chance.