Advice on imposter syndrome from a Product Designer at Monzo

Hey! :wave: My name is Carl and I’m a Senior Product Designer at Monzo, working on Monzo Business.

I’ve been a user of Monzo since 2017, and I was lucky enough to have joined the Monzo team roughly 9 months ago now. It’s been a great 9 months but certainly hasn’t been without it’s challenges.

I wanted to share my a bit of my experience of joining a new product team, battling imposter syndrome, and finding my fit in my squad.

Please reach out if your curious to learn more :smile:


What a fantastic post :clap: . The lessons are pretty universally applicable to almost any job too. Outside of battling imposter syndrome, you’d also end up increasing the value you deliver to your team. It’s a win win.


Thanks Dan :raised_hands: I agree, I think the themes can apply for most team-based roles.

you’d also end up increasing the value you deliver to your team. It’s a win win.

I love that you mention value here, and I’d also add that you’re adding value to the company and the end user too :heart: win win win win!


What a brilliant post. I’m familar with “T-Shaped” individuals (Agile coach & consultant by trade) but the bell curve representation is new - love it.


Great post! :+1:

Think positive! :chart_with_upwards_trend:



Thankyou Carl - this was a really interesting read.

Many moons ago, imposter syndrome nearly did for me when appointed to a high-level role. It took a lot of my time and stamina to keep reminding myself of what I was good at.

It’s both refreshing and encouraging to read that the modern workplace is so openly acknowledging of the importance of proper integration into teams and how that benefits everyone.

I really enjoy reading these kind of posts from Monzo. Again, many thanks.

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