How to verify business debit card when adding to Apple Pay/Wallet on Mac

I’m trying to add my business debit card to Wallet on my Mac (to use with Apple Pay). I’ve successfully added it on my iPhone where I was texted a verification code. But on the Mac, the only verification option I’m given is to call Monzo.

When I call the number a recorded message says they can’t activate Apple Pay over the phone :face_with_spiral_eyes: My personal and joint account debit cards are already in Wallet on my Mac (can’t remember how I added them, it was years ago). Anyone know how I can add my business debit card?


No, sadly there was no feed entry that I could see (in my business account). But I contacted in-app support, and within 20 minutes (and after sending a selfie holding my card), it was verified and available in Wallet on my Mac. So for anyone running into this, the solution is to contact in-app chat.

I did provide feedback suggesting they update the options provided:

Thanks, that’s worked! Can I suggest that Monzo looks at updating the verification info when adding to Wallet on the Mac to either allow SMS verification or point people to contacting help in app? It’s confusing to be provided with phone as the single verification option and to then call and be told it can’t be done over the phone.