How to save money, according to people who actually manage it

The Monzo Saving Squad share their best tips on how to save money.

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Is the answer: Get Monzo? Because that’s what’s done it for me!


Put pay rises straight into savings

This is a tip that really helped me to be honest - when I get a pay rise I’m always looking to how I can better save it.

Consider increasing pension contributions, LISA, and other savings! (but I also find it’s important to give yourself a little bit of a treat/allowance - ultimately you deserved the payrise!)


What is this pay rise of which you speak? :thinking:

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Yano if you have a job and do good at it, they sometimes (rarely) (very infrequently) give you a couple pennies more each month

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That’ll be it then. I’m enthusiastically average :grin:


Or you get asked if you’d like to work more hours and you finally say “Yes*”

I actually had a budget shortfall at that point, so a percentage of the extra pay went to covering the shortfall. Most of the remaining percentage goes to savings - initially bringing Marcus up to 3*salary again, and after that into Freetrade. Then I hive a tiny amount off at the end to allow me to do some social and/or recreational activities a couple of times a month.

(*no, I wouldn’t like to, but as I need the extra money the extra hours bring, I will :expressionless: )

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My primary method of saving is gamifying it. I track all of my incoming and outgoing in a spreadsheet (and I mean ALL, salary, direct debits, drunken kebabs, pennies picked up off the street). It tells me both how much money I have left and how much budget I have left. Then it tells me in real time how much more money I have than at the start of the month.
Started off as a tool to make sure I could afford a second year of car insurance after I paid for the first year in advance, but now I challenge myself to end each month with more than the previous month.

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It’s like a leap year. Every four years.

Although a leap year definitely occurs every four years, alas a pay rise may not.


Sounds very much like Monzo lol

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