How to mark shared tab bill as paid

I think I must be missing something. I can’t seem to find documentation anywhere explaining how to mark a bill on a shared tab as paid. For rent I created a shard tab in Monzo that I added the standing order to, so every month Monzo automatically addd the rent payment to the shared tab. However when my flatmate sends me his half the bill still says “You’re owed £600”. There is no obvious way to reconcile this payment to be marked as completed. How is this meant to work?

Did he just send you the money , or did he click pay inside the tab?

Honestly not a clue, I can ask him when I see him next. Looking at the blog post for shared tabs it doesn’t specify how the funds should be sent. Based on your reply I’m guessing you can also use it for sending the money instead of just keeping track of whats owed?

Any idea if its possible for payments to be marked as linked retrospectively?

If I understand you correctly then you can’t mark the tab as paid, but they can add a custom bill of the amount sent to you to the tab to even it out.

Thanks man. I’ll ask my flatmate to do this to clear it off.