How to categorise

The categories on offer sometimes feel too generic and confusing. Given they are unlikely to change, how are people using them?

For example :thinking:

Lunch at work, is that Eating Out or Groceries?
Clothes for yourself, Shopping?
Clothes for children, Family?
What do you use Finances for?
Is General more like miscellaneous?
etc, etc

Also, as we can’t split transactions across categories (yet :crossed_fingers:), does anyone split supermarket shopping into multiple checkouts :nerd_face:

It’s the obvious, if rather inelegant, solution.

That’s a good example imo.

If you prepare your own lunch, the ingredients would surely have come from Groceries

However, if you buy your own lunch, is that more like Eating Out?

Mine are currently classed as Personal Care


General, in absence of a House or Home category

Not sure I ever have, you know :thinking:

No. Not that precious over it yet, even though it would assist the summary make sense, e.g. clothes shopping at the grocery supermarket during weekly shop


For transactions where the money remains in my control but just in a different form - whether it be converted to cash (ATM withdrawal) or moved to another account or financial product.


Haha, yes! I do this, even if I can’t get to a self-service checkout :smile: The checkout assistants tend to be totally fine with it.

The worst case for me of not being able to split out transactions (a feature that’s sorely, sorely needed) is when I’m shopping at Boots. I’d like to be able to easily see how much I’m spending on hair styling product, toothpaste, shower gel etc. because I definitely use too much of everything and it would be good to be able to see how much it’s setting me back, and how I improve over time.

For shopping I tend to have three distinct transactions: Healthy food, snacks (sweets, biscuits etc.), and beer (because I spend way too much on beer and I’d love to cut down).

One I find tough to categories is weddings. Seriously, what category could that even come under? For now I’m popping a ‘#wedding’ hashtag on all such transactions, but I don’t know what to categorise them as.

I categorise Eating Out as anything that’s surplus to my standard grocery shopping. That way I can ensure my grocery shopping is consistently within what I’ve budgeted for that (if not lower) and I’ll find it easier to curb my habit of buying ready-made lunch out.


Monzo is showing me that I shop at supermarkets a lot but they are never just for groceries.

I get toiletries (Personal Care), food and drink (Groceries), clothing (Shopping), household cleaning products (Family?), pet supplies (Family), books/magazines (Entertainment) and more.

I’m yet to split things at the checkout but will be trying those self scan guns next time. Hopefully there isn’t a limit to how many you can carry at once :rofl:

I just don’t bother with the categories for this very reason, also don’t bother with the summary/budgeting bit as it’s never right. Pots are incredibly useful what is left in my account after post is what I have to spend.

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Come on! Isn’t monzo about ‘making money work for everyone’ or something. This system of manually splitting a supermarket shop into different transactions just to please monzo categories does not work for me that’s for sure.


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