How to build a better credit score

The credit scores mean nothing they are made up numbers more marketing than anything. Every financial institution will score you according to their own scorecard and risk profiles.

My scores are almost the same as yours however I’ve had no issues getting credit recently.


Thanks for your answer Richard, wish we’d had that reference on the other thread a couple weeks ago!

I still hope Monzo will report to other agencies soon. Monzo not appearing in services like ClearScore is going to keep pushing people to ask questions like this.


What is the reason for Monzo not to report to Experian and Equifax? :confused:

I don’t think I’m wrong to think it is good that Monzo (and some other challenger banks/pre-paid cards today) are giving info on credit scores/rating. Yes, the credit score is not everything and the score from all three agencies should be considered, but it’s still important to understand the impact these things can have on the score and how to improve chances of future credit.


I wish CRA reporting was optional and configurable in the app - as far as I know it isn’t required by law. Not everyone wants to get their data leaked to crooks. :wink:


I think you should change the word ‘score/rating’ to ‘history’ since lenders don’t see the score/rating.


@bea One key omission from this piece is that if you rent you can now add your largest payment, rent, to your credit history. The service is free and is provided by CreditLadder. We support Monzo customers and the sign up only takes 5 minutes.

We were recently announced as a final stage winner of the HM Treasury Rent Recognition Challenge.

This is about establishing a new normal for rental payments. We want to help more tenants get access to finance and better finance. Providing a helping hand for those that want to get onto the property ladder. :rocket: :house_with_garden:


Hi I need to improve my credit rating cos my credit score is 0 and I’ve been looking for an overdraft or a lone to improve it but can’t get accepted anywhere can anyone help me please

Start a government petition!

You can usually get a credit card, from companies like Capital One, Barclaycard, Aqua, or even Tesco Foundation. I think they have high acceptance, along with high interest rates, but pay off your balance every month in full to avoid these charges and sit back as your credit worthiness levels soar.

Also just getting a SIM only contract and ensuring no missed/late payments are made can contribute to building your credit score.

Also, I don’t get the 25% credit utilisation rule. If I spend £1,000 of my £1,000 credit limit, but pay it off in full, am I harming my score?

If you can’t get accepted for any kind of borrowing, something like Loqbox may help. I haven’t used it, but I’ve seen it recommended on here before as a way to prove to credit reference agencies and lenders you can handle monthly repayments, therefore giving you more chance of being accepted for credit in the future.


Are you registered to vote? If not, you should be.

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There are plenty of things you can do to improve your score without the need for borrowing money. Follow the advice that these sites give you such as making sure you’re on the electoral role, your address is current and you’ve not moved recently and so on…

Undoubtedly, being on the voting register will help in some way to build a better credit score. Being on the electoral roll helps to show a degree of stability.

The problem is, so many people for whatever reason, don’t or won’t register. This is despite the fact that it is compulsory for the annual voting registration form that arrives on every household’s doorstep to be completed by the occupants of the premises. Failure to do so can land the occupant(s) with a fine of up to £1000 and potentially, a criminal record. But here’s the rub, I suspect that very few Local Authorities prosecute anyone for failure to complete the form. Also one of the reasons that all persons of voting age are required to register, is so that they can be forced to attend for Jury trials. You can’t just get out of acting as a Juror if called else one risks being prosecuted, not unless you have a bloody good excuse that is.

The fact is, there are some people who just don’t want to be found, cite personal privacy issues, can’t be bothered or are just plain anti-establishment. Anyone who doesn’t register to vote, has no right to complain about who gets into Government or who runs their local authority. Personally, I’ve been registered my entire adult life at every address I’ve ever lived at



I’m not with Noddle, I didn’t like them so closed my account with them. I got this from my CRA account whom I’m with now. I don’t believe Noddle ever told me this information before:

Did you know? Using more than 25% of your available credit on one or more of your credit accounts can lower your credit score. For example, if you have a credit card with a limit of £1,000, you should try to spend less than £250. Otherwise, your credit score could drop. And if you go over 50%, it could drop even further.

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Noddle are no more. They were acquired by Credit Karma a while back :slight_smile:

I know