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Leah’s just shared a link to this podcast from FinTech Insider which features @hugo @jonas & @leah.

Field trip! This week we geek out at Monzo’s headquarters in London. Monzo is one of our favourite challenger banks, which they’re building from the ground up with help from thousands of customers. Their tagline: ‘Finally, a bank as smart as your phone.’ In this episode, you’ll learn how to build a digital bank Monzo style. Our guests:

Jonas Huckestein, Co-Founder and CTO at Monzo @Jonas
Hugo Cornejo, Head of Design at Monzo @hugocornejo
Leah Templeman, Head of Operations at Monzo @leahtemplewoman

“Everything has originated from a very, very small group of people, a year and a half ago,” Jonas says. “We had these very first prepaid cards, and we started inviting technology-savvy people in London to our offices for a hackathon to build cool things. We had a few hundred people like that, and then they told their friends, and then they told their friends…People would still consider themselves to be the members of a community as opposed to the users of a card that gives you free foreign transactions.”

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Jonas describes a very cool sounding process that Monzo could possibly build once the full banking license has been granted where:

Someone wants to transfer £20 to their friend but doesn’t have their bank account details…

The user could send them a link which allows them to enter their account number & sort code.
The site invites the person to open a Monzo account with a £20 balance, a virtual debit card is created instantly & loaded into their Apple / Android Pay wallet & they can then immediately buy something with it or withdraw the money from a cardless ATM :heart_eyes:

Part two of this podcast has just been posted, with a slightly more eye catching name :eyes:

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This page has the video of the interview, from part 2 of the episode (although the transcript is for part 1).

Will Monzo eventually be bought by a legacy bank?
What would happen if I lost my card (down the line when you are a bank)?
Competitor update
Monzo Staff Expansion
Product expansion plans?
Competitor update
"Hot Spare" Card
Expedited delivery for debit cards
Online Virtual Cards
Immediate Replacement Card