How to avoid ATM fraud when travelling

I thought this was a pretty good article, with some handy tips. I travel a lot, and am quite cautious, but I think it’s worth always keeping this stuff in mind!


With how good Monzo have been at security, maybe if they notice you about to use a ‘sketchy’ ATM they could notify you that you’re in danger





To avoid card skim etc can we order a new card, activate that and use it abroad then when we get back activate the old one again?

No, I’m afraid not. Once a new card is activated, the old ones are permanently blocked. But we are exploring some different ways of perhaps combating this :grinning:

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Would be good idea tbh.

Are they permanently blocked at Monzo level or MasterCard level?

Both I would of thought.

I always give the card slot a wiggle and cover the pin pad as I enter my pin, even in the UK.

If the cash machine looks dodgy I don’t use it, simples.

The sooner we can turn off ALL magstripe transactions the better!

Monzo has magstripe payments disabled by default, if that’s what you mean. You need to enable them yourself in the app.

Only magstripe payments at ATMs are disabled by default. That’s all you have control over via the in app setting.

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