How does Monzo communicate with employees, internally?

Monzo do a great job of keeping us customers up to date via this forum and the regular Making Monzo updates — but I wondered how employees themselves are kept up to date with the sheer volume of things going on at any one time. Is there a plan? Meetings? Slack? Intrigued to know.

They use Slack a lot and of course meetings and the all hands.

I wrote a post recently which might give you a little bit of insight into this!

Generally we use slack & google hangouts!


That’s great to know.

As you’re a ‘remote’ worker, how do you make a connection with the wider employee base such as those in HQ? Do you join the ‘company wide’ All Hands or are they just for the office?

Yes they join them if they want. And there are plenty of social channels on slack.

We can tune it to watch it live streamed and chat in “real time” about it on Slack, or we get a slot in our schedules later to catch up! We dont miss out which is lovely :pray:

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