How do you keep track of your savings, loans and investments?


I’ve been using a custom spreadsheet for a while but find it so cumbersome to keep track of all the changes happening, not to mention doing any “what if” modelling.
I’m thinking of building an app that would easily show all your savings, loans and investments across different banks and providers and would also show what you’re likely to have several years from now.

In later stages, the app could allow you to simulate different scenarios like what would happen if you change your pension contribution and maybe even have an element of financial education bordering on financial advice by recommending more tax-efficient ways to save money like ISAs and other government schemes.

Does that sound interesting to anyone? Is there something already available on the market that does this?

I created a short survey here hoping that people would help me understand if this is needed by anyone else :smiley:

Thanks a lot for your help!


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I guess my responses provided the wrong type of feedback - took about 30 seconds. R-

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you lost me when you asked for my email address for your marketing use

Hey, sorry, if the email question was offending, it’s totally optional! I’m asking to try to get some contacts of potential early adopters and only expecting people to fill it in if they want to provide feedback or try beta quality version of the app.

Not sure how this is different to any of the other 3rd party apps out there that already do similar things.

To answer your questions my investments are all in moneybox so I can see everything there already, my loans in Monzo and my savings with Startling, takes 5 mins of my time once a week to check through them

I am definitely looking for such tool to have a complete overview of all my finances. I guess this is likely something Monzo might also aim at building. This issue for me is that I have bank accounts, mortgages and pension funds across multiple counties and I don’t know any provider today that allows you to aggregate all of your accounts, in particular when you hold multiple currencies.
There are providers like for example is a good start. I also saw, but I don’t know which provider does it all perfectly today.

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