How do you actually see if transaction fees have been applied?

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So far I have used Monzo mostly for paying directly and not for taking cash.
Is there a way to see if the fee has been applied? will be showed somewhere in the app or I need to convert by myself the values from pounds to euro and make the math?

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What fee are you talking about? Are you paying for things in person with your Monzo card? In that case you are not charged a fee.

It can really take people who are used to legacy banks a while to get their head around the concept of free overseas transactions! :joy::joy:

I am not talking about paying with my card, but for taking cash from the ATM machines.

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The transaction shows the exchange rate used Online using something like PayPal. Whilst the ATM layout is different I assume it’s on there. :thinking:

There is no fee unless you take out more than £200 or if the ATM operator imposes one.

that is what I meat.
Should the ATM "tell"me on the screen if is imposed?

The ATM will not know what fees your bank (Monzo) will apply. It will only tell you if the ATM operator will impose fees.

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The ATM will give a choice to either buy in local currency or to convert to pounds at their rate/fees (which are displayed).

Always use the local currency option which means Monzo will use the direct mastercard rate with 0 commission.

You wont get shown what the MasterCard rate is on the ATM screen. You could use the MasterCard site to view what that is at that specific time but it’s 99.999% always going to be better.

Put 0 where it says bank fee

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This is worth a read

Thank you for all you precious advice.

I used Monzo once abroad to take some cash ( Germany) and the ATM machine DID NOT ask for conversion or stated any fees.
However, when I saw the notification on the phone I realised that I was charged a bit more. I contacted Monzo’s customer service and they confirmed that a fee had been paid, due to the ATM policy and not to Monzo.
What I was asking is : when I take money from an ATM, will the app tell me if a fee as been applied? in such case, next time I need cash I will try to avoid that ATM and try another one :).

Hi, it should look something like this if you go over your £200 free limit


here we are :slight_smile: You are a star!
Thank you so much!!!

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If you are likely to use more than the limit, it might be worth using Monzos rival Starling which is free with no limit. A lot of people have both to get the benefits of each app.

Monzos good at budgeting, Starling is better at everything else. However I still use Monzo 90%, Starling 5% and NatWest 5% of the time. Handy having all three.

That’s in relation to Monzo’s fee when you withdraw more than £200, not in relation to an ATM-imposed fee if the ATM you are withdrawing from has a fee, which seems to be what you’re talking about.

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This is the monzo fee not the atm fee.

I think the OP is asking if the fee the ATM charges is shown anywhere

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I am not talking about the limit based by Monzo of 200£, but the fee applied by the ATM machine.

About Starling, I think they have a limit of 300£, but I am not sure if has been changed.


I don’t think it’s shown in app, just added to the total withdrawn but it should be displayed on the ATM as you’re using it

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Applied fees (ATM withdrawals) are shown in the transaction details.


Thanks! Never used the card abroad so I didn’t know how it worked