How do I get a letter with the details of the account saying I am the account holder?

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My mother (who lived in Spain and who had account in Spain) sadly passed away in January this year.
The banks in Spain are asking my father that I produce a letter stating I am the account holder in Spain is called the ownership certificate.
Apparently is just a letter where it shows your name and address the account number and IBAN confirming you are the account holder.

How do I get this from Monzo? I have attached one from a Spanish bank

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Hi @Andrea.AM1981. Welcome to the community. Sorry to hear of your mother passing away.

I’m not sure I fully understand your question so i’ll provide 2 answers:

Are you saying your mother had a UK Monzo account while in Spain? If so, then Monzo outlined their bereavement process in a blog post last year. This may be slightly outdated but should give you the basics.

If what you are asking for is proof that you own a Monzo account (so that the funds in your mother’s spanish account can be transferred to you), then either:
A) Check if they accept a bank statement, as this will contain all of the information you mentioned and can be downloaded directly from the app.
B) If they need a specific letter, you will need to contact customer service via the in-app chat to see if they can provide one to you.

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A Spanish solicitor asked me for one of these letters earlier this year, but they were satisfied with a statement, so it might be worth enquiring if a statement would be acceptable.

Otherwise just ask Monzo for one and see what they say.

Hi there,

No this is not what I mean.

My mum had Spanish accounts, in her will she left half her monies to me the other half to my sister.

My mums bank in Spain they are asking for a letter from my bank (in this case Monzo) state NH I am the account holder of my account to pass me my inheritance from her bank to my monzo account.

I have done this and they got back to my father saying they needed a certificate :woman_facepalming:t3:

To get this from Monzo you will need to contact them via in app chat. Monzo should then be able to provide you with the letter you need.

Click here to contact Monzo.

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Hi There!

If you reach out to our team we can provide you with an account ownership letter via the in-app chat and this should cover everything you need! :smile:


The letter wouldn’t have the IBAN in, no?