Help with getting a loan

Hi there i would like help and advice to be better with my money. Iv been looking for a loan for the past 2 months for my driving test as my partner is blinded we are going to need a car naw puls I have ten kids aged 8 month and the over 2 years would like to have a better life for them

A mini bus might be better than a car :grimacing:

First off check your credit report. If you’ve missed payments, have a limited credit history or have applied for too much credit (even if you have been rejected) it will count against you when looking for a loan

Make a budget to see how much you could afford to put aside for the lessons now and repayments if you decide to get a loan. Lessons are expensive but nothing compared to owning and maintaining a car


Thanks so much m8 it’s hard with my partnerswaya of doing things bit il deep take everything on board the mine bus lol

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