Have you left it too late to start saving?

How old were you when you started saving? And do you think there’s ever such a thing as leaving it too late?

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More than half of 22 to 29 year …

Ahhh I’m 45. Never mind.


Same here @ 40 :joy:

Only savings we have at moment is for our family holiday nothing else :wink:


I’m 23 and only have around £3000 in savings. I’m pretty savvy with money but definitely could have started earlier.

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New title: Are you a failure as a human being?


Put a penny in a savings account.You now have more savings than half of 22-29 year olds. :smiley:


More than half of 22 to 29 year-olds say they have no savings at all.

Because if you’re 29 now then you were 18 in 2008.

Austerity, the gift that keeps on taking away.


Started saving with my first job at 16, mainly because I was taught the value of money at a young age and so wanted to get ahead as quickly as I could. Have a fair bit in savings but only because i’ve saved at least 200 every month and most of the time much more, since my 16th birthday and i’m now nearly 22


This makes me feel like you’re saying that those who didn’t save at that age didn’t know the value of money. I’m sure that’s not the intention, but it is what it is.

Fun fact: My first job paid £35 per week. Good luck saving £200 per month (or much more) on that.


Oh definitely not! I just meant that when I was young my parents situation taught me I needed to save, even if it was only £10 a month etc. Definitely not bashing anyone, just highlighting my personal experiences


I feel that savings almost comes down to two things: your occupation, and where you live. Live up north as a doctor? You’ll be fine. Down south as anyone earning less than £30,000? You’ll have a tough time finding pennies to scrimp.

Also, one of the best investments you can do early on is a Stocks & Shares ISA. Much better than the 1.4% interest from a regular ISA.


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I do actually have a pot for going abroad on trips, but since I never bloody go anywhere then it just sits there. Guess that’s my savings now.

I definitely left it too late. I was in a privileged position where my parents were able to help me a lot during my school/university years, meaning that I never had to worry much about money. When I started working and my parents stopped helping me financially, it took me a few years to realise that I was spending more money than I needed to every month, sometimes even more than I was earning.

Monzo definitely played a huge part in helping me shift my perception of money and how I was spending it – ultimately putting me in a position to finally start saving.


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Too late to start saving for what?

Old age :skull: