Have Wages as a Category

Right now you can add your salary however if you are a freelancer or have multiple jobs with fluctuating incomes you can’t categorise this to help with budgeting.

I get money from working freelance from various different people, I get money from a part time job and money from selling art online. I want to be able to categorise this as ‘Wages’ rather than expenses or finance because those aren’t what they really are.

Couldn’t you just use the ‘Salary’ category for these too? It’s all ‘income’ regardless?

Anyhoo, I voted yes for this but mostly because I’m hoping we won’t need it as Monzo will add custom categories (I wanna track Breakfast and Lunch spending, not ‘Eating Out’! etc etc). :smiley:


The comes under income but I want to be able to separate my freelancing from my part-time job. Being able to add custom categories would fix this! Right now I try to use #hashtags but it doesn’t work the same way within the Summary section.

I was thinking custom categories would be great - I would love a pet category for example.

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They have already hinted and shown screenshots of customised categories so hopefully will be coming soon

This feature has already been suggested. You can vote for it here:

I use the finance category for wages.

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