Happy birthday to the Monzo tone of voice

When we published the guide, we said it was only step one.

Here’s a little update on all things writing one year on.


The website and how you explain complex banking terms and stuff is brilliant, however I still feel that the Monzo Money page goes a little to far with the “relaxed” tone sometimes.

I’m still shocked that this article being promoted and encouraged by Monzo on there too.


What’s your objection to that?

It’s far too relaxed and a financial institute should not be associating themselves with any form of drug use. It’s morally and professionally wrong in my opinion.

All you have to do is read the first paragraph and you’ll get an idea of what the rest of the piece goes on about.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not blind to the fact that people take cocaine and smoke weed and stuff but encouraging people to budget and save for illegal drugs doesn’t sit right with me.


If you want to budget effectively then you have to include everything. It also means they have to see the real cost of drugs or whatever.

It’s not saying ‘hey, set up a pot pot to make sure you have a really good time on holiday’.

I understand your view on it but realistically they’re going to do it anyway so at least encourage people to understand how much it’s really costing them

Not sure I understand that?

It’s the same as the police telling someone who speeds “Look, I know you are gonna speed, but make sure you slow down for cameras, and be alert for mobile vans” :joy:

I have no problem with the Monzo tone of voice on most things.

I absolutely hate their Money Tips Facebook page (and agree with @Ordog with what they said about the drugs), and I’m starting to dislike their click bait headings and constant re sharing of articles across their social channels…

But as far as tone with CS and other places go, I like it.


I’m not sure that is the right form of encouragement but hey, I’ve said my bit and I think I’ve made my point :slight_smile:

Others might not agree but unless I speak up, nobody would be aware.


I quite liked the 5 a-side football one as it starts to recommend getting your mates into the Monzo community and using your finances like that (the poor soul that currently tries to organise payments is always (and I mean always) chasing for everyone to pay up.

But openly talking about drugs and budgeting for them/ the realities of obtaining drugs, does feel a bit off for a bank that wants to be taken seriously.


If anything I think they believe their demographic is “young twenty-somethings who live in london”.
Personally on the drug article it would be better saying for the same price of a baggy you can get CBT or use headspace.
If anything its the VICE tone to drug taking.(I read a similar article on Vice)
I would prefer articles on things such as:

  • Where to go for help with deposit disputes(I know but I’m not sure many others do)

  • How to shop around for the best bank account

  • How to do accounting(Boring but so relevant)(How to do basic numeracy and literacy)((Should be part of #nobarrierstobanking))

I really disagree and dislike a drug rhetoric that is saying “You know what , budgeting for drugs is fine”. At the end of the day illegal drugs are illegal for a reason and fuelling violence on British streets and for a bunch of millennials to believe that their drug taking on the weekend is a bit of fun and not contributing to the cycles of violence and the death of their mates is immature and dangerous. Of course then this can devolve into a question of whether Banks should tell their customers how to spend their money(Virtue Signalling).


Well, they are called “pots” for a reason :wink:


And now with custom pot images…

Haha yeah the rest of it is good.

It’s not all for me but then again I’m not in the demographic for who it is aimed at.

This is evident because the all lowercase, clickbaty status updates immediately irk me :rofl: Basically now I’ve broken past the 30+ year old threshold, I’m not cool enough anymore to understand :cry:

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I think in a way, because it is a “separate” entity to the Monzo page - it is trying to drum up hype and intrigue, without any “formal” marketing?

Bit like Ladbible, VICE and places like that, they get some of their views from the sheer “outrage” or “taboo” of their posts.

Having a look back, it wasn’t actually an article written by Monzo but was endorsed by the page. I don’t think this makes it any better, but I can sort of see what they are trying to achieve, I think(?)

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