Habit Former

I think it would be good to have a feature that makes it easy to be able to use Monzo as a positive reinforcement to establish good habits.

For example, for everyday that you do 30 minutes of exercise, you can tap a button that saves an amount of your choosing into a pot. You could set goals big or small, a book or a holiday.

Get healthy, learn guitar, revise, be more productive by creating a habit (known to be the best way to achieve something) and treating yourself at the same time.

You can do this with IFTTT :slightly_smiling_face:

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Sounds like you might benefit from hooking up a running app with IFTTT and Monzo.

Example - For every KM you run, move 50p into a pot.

I think if Monzo tried to include that functionality, it would become a crowded place.

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I’ve seen this on IFTTT pre-made applets ranging from manual button press to integration with fitness apps; so should be easy enough for those worried about any technical understanding required.

I had wondered about IFTTT but thought it would be a good feature to integrate.

Still do.

I wonder whether Monzo get information from IFTTT on the types of applets people use the most to help them with what to integrate next.

I think the problem with an IFTTT solution (as far as I can see) is ‘Where’s the automation?’

When the ‘If This…’ is revision or practicing a musical instrument, how does IFTTT know you’ve done it and then trigger the ‘…Then That’?

That’s why I think a setting within Monzo would be good. Set the amount, maybe set the activity, have the option to set a target amount and away you go. If possible, have a widget on your home screen that you just have to tap each time you’ve done your daily activity.

You can add a button widget or link your fitness app etc. for the automation point.

FitBitStepGoalSave ButtonPressSave

Thanks Sean, I’ll have a look at that.

I ended up creating an IFTTT applet using Google Assistant and Monzo.

If I say ‘Task Done’ it moves money into my Coin Jar.