Green target line is impossible to follow

So the new green target line is. Linear line from your target to zero, in theory I like this feature but given that Myself and I imagine every other human being has to immediately pay rent and bills on the 1st, it means I lose a third of my total pay in first day. This means my target line is off course every single time on the first day.

Maybe there could be a way to ignore larger rent/bill payments so the target starts afterwards?

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You can exclude bills.


You can choose to exclude the bills category to deal with this scenario …

Yes but if you this, then at the end of the month target will be out and Monzo will tell you you’ve saved £xyz pounds when you do this.

Alternatively you can not exclude bills and just up your target.

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‘Green target line’ = (in our circumstances) the gauge of how we are using disposable income for funding non-committed spending.


Am I right in that if you amend your target it alters it for all the previous months? If yes, why can’t you have different targets for different months? I hope someone will tell me I’ve got this wrong.

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You haven’t got it wrong.