Google Home

Mesh networks are so much better than extenders.

It’s a bit of an inevitability that Apple join the home voice assistant …

So, I wrote a basic Google Home implementation last week… I’d upload it so it could actually be used on people’s Google Homes (and you wouldn’t even need to install it!) but only Monzo can do that. It only supports balance, spent today and reading profile information currently but can be very easily expanded


Amazing! Can I test this on my own device? :slight_smile:

You should be able to test it on your device if you follow the steps for setup. I’ve only tested it with the in-browser simulator but it should supposedly work on your device.

If someone from Monzo put it through the proper approval process (and it got approved) then anyone with Google Home (and soon anyone with Google Assistant on Android) would be able to just say “talk to monzo” (or whatever invocation term Monzo pick) and they’d be able to use it without installing anything.


Awesome. I’ll give it a shot later on! I don’t think we’re at the point yet where we can publish any of these integrations sadly - I wish we could and I’m sure we will get to that point soon :slight_smile:


@tommy5dollar is it a similar integration as the Siri one? Is it also similar in terms of how you publish the integration? Except obviously quicker being google, and less checked :slight_smile:

PS. @simonb fully understand future integrations will be built in a more cooky cutter way to fit in with your integration store, just wondering :wink:

Ah, I have no development environment set up on my machine right now - I will get it all set up when I have a bit more free time :grinning:

If it helps, here is the Cloud Function URL which will allow you to jump down to step 5 instead (you need to insert the URL into action.json):

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Deployed it successfully, but when trying to run it, I get “Gonzo isn’t responding right now” :frowning:


So bought my Home last Thursday and the whole family have spent the last week trying to get Google to everything under the sun. You can see the potential for this is huge. Already we’ve switched to asking/using voice rather than phone for changing music and switching channels.

It’s just such a natural way to do things. A bank integration would be fantastic. So easy just to say “pay so and so £100”.

Please put it up the priority list!!


I reckon this is where polling is required, as I too got one for the grandparents and they love it, however how many have actually been bought by monzo users

It would be great to have an IFTTT channel for Monzo, would make it very simple to use with Google Home or any other service.


Starling has Google Home integration in development I think. Check this:


Of course Google Home would launch a new feature on the week that I’m away - look forward to checking it out when I get home!

Side note - Google Home Mini is £10 off for the next few days at the Google Store, Currys, etc. At £39 it’s a steal. I’ll be buying one for my cousin for her birthday :grinning:

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I’m giving serious consideration to a smart home assostant and I’m leaning towards having a few Google Home Minis dotted around the home. That’s surprising considering that I’m admittedly such an Apple fanboy.

My one question is before I buy, can it be set up on iOS to control smart home accessories. Ideally, I’d love it if there was effortless 3-way knowledge between iOS, Google Home and my smart devices. I expect it would at least partly depend on how well integrations for the other accessories is developed.

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Google Home works perfectly on iOS.

My girlfriend uses a Pixel 2 these days, but before that was using an iPh 6S - we’ve had Google Home for over a year now and it worked perfectly with her 6S, all the integrations with Nest, etc :grinning:

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That’s sold it for me then!

Loads Currys website

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