Giffgaff Gameplan

So giffgaff updated their app today on iOS and Android. Within the update, they introduced a new tab called ‘giffgaff gameplan’. As far as I can gather, you are able to use this element of the app for budgeting and tips for saving money. I assume it’s like Emma, or similar offerings. Has anyone started using it? It includes Monzo as one of the banks you can link to their service, so I’m sure someone might like to use it.

Question is, what does giffgaff get out of offering this kind of service? I found it a strange direction for the company to go in. I know they do credit and other offerings, I just found it an odd thing to offer.

Here’s a link to their website:

It does seem a strange direction for a mobile network. I’m a little confused.

Looks like they’re using Truelayer as well.

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I like giffgaff but if it moves into other areas, it would be less attractive to me. I know lots of people on the network, so it puzzles me why it needs to offer things like that.

I’ve never been big on those budgeting apps, so I’m not likely to use the feature. Just confuses me what direction GG is going.

Data and lots of it!

They can link all your transactional data, location, browsing history and more

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Ouch. No thanks!

Giffgaff has pretty much always been for the financially less able. They’ve offered a free credit report (from Credit Karma) for quite a while now. Seems to be an expansion on this.

@glasgow is right though - more data :heart_eyes: