GIF Size Upload

(Danny) #1

Any chance we can get the gif size limit increased, it’s really small right now… no space for cats :frowning_face:

(Simon B) #2

Seems possible in the Discourse back-end to increase the size limit, but it also mentions other things that need to be configured for it to work that I don’t personally have access to AFAIK.

Maybe @Rika can confirm.

(Andre Borie) #3

Whatever, just turn it right up to 11 and see what happens. Worst case scenario you just get a bit of sparks & flames - no big deal. :joy:

(Danny) #4

@Rika make it so, we need moar size and over 9000mb

(Ben) #5

Quite frankly this needs to be on The Big List.

Priorities guys.