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Wow that’s “Fast” and capped! sign me up!

To be fair, it’s faster than the “Superfast” VDSL

To be fair, I’ve never found the 1TB limit of the basic Home::1 to be restrictive, especially as the unused gets carried over (or at least a percentage of it). We’re approaching the end of the month and I have 1429GB quota remaining. You can get a quota of 10TB for an extra tenner.

Broadband is the one thing that I don’t treat like TV or mobile. I refuse to use an ISP whose first-line support know less than I do (and I worked in networking and telephony for many years). Happy to pay extra for AAISP.


That’s fair, I’d like to go straight to Level 2 support with Virgin most times, the first line support is Meh, Unless you get through to Scotland, if you do they know their shit, but the offshore support… quote their own stats from the router they ask for and they’re “huh, what does that mean”

It’s not just the support, either - I like their approach to regulation and privacy. They’ll fight tooth and nail for their customers’ right to privacy online.

They don’t do traffic-shaping - they ensure that there is enough bandwidth available for all customers 24 hours a day.

They don’t block any ports and allow you to run your own servers. Basically just a raw connection so that your home network (with 8 static IPv4 addresses) can be part of the internet.

Run by @RevK (and I also believe that they have a Monzo business account :slight_smile: )


Only used for sanctioning orders via faster payments bank transfer I believe. They plug into the API for it and I’ve heard it’s pretty slick (even if it does mean you forego consumer protections you get from direct debits and card payments).

My direct debit still goes off to a Lloyds bank account.

Edit: info here

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Yes - I experienced this when setting up my mother’s broadband in her new house. I paid the installation fee from my own account and their ordering system automatically set up a direct debit for her using my bank account details. Easy enough to change once I’d noticed.


Out of interest, if you get set up that way does the direct debit go off to Monzo?

I know back when they introduced this there was chatter of moving it all across to Monzo, but that doesn’t appear to have happened (yet?).

I don’t think so - it was just a normal DD that you can set up for yourself at

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WiFi pod update: Still not received, I got in contact with them again last week and they said it’s 100% been ordered. I’ll give it one more week

Broadband has been down most of the day in region - I take my hand off people who can mobile hotspot all of the time. It’s passable but no more than passable.

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Virgin media seem to be useless! They said “everything is fine, you can’t have a pod” this is almost 2 weeks after they said they’d sent one!

I don’t know what planet they’re on if that is good? This is off a Superhub 3, which they were insisting I used in router mode for their tools to work

This was on the superhub 3s WiFi in the NEXT room over, dreadful

The Connect app also states:

So, don’t worry! “Everything is great”

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Switch off 2ghz and only run 5? Or turn off 5ghz and see if that improves anything .

I’ve relented and put it into router mode, but using my own WiFi system which is “good enough” however if I can get a pod, I will

What pisses me off is being told that one was being sent when it wasn’t

If I don’t get anything from this (I have to contact them again tomorrow) then I’m emailing the CEO (this is a legit thing you can do to get around support issues)

They’re even running the wrong test, so won’t find anything

They will only test to the hub because WiFi is too variable therefore can’t really be guaranteed.

Use power lines, or invest in Google WiFi or similar, not worth the stress dealing with VM and their shoddy staff.

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I have powerline, but I lose about 100mb/s on line speed, which I am not sure why

the link speed between the two adapters is 400mb/s+

I can’t run an iPerf test, as I have no wired device I could host it on, tbf 130mbps is good enough

Shouldn’t see that much a reduction, maybe try a Cat 6e cable both ends, or if it’s only VM hub to power line, just that one.

Also be sure to make sure it’s all turned on correctly ie turn all equipment off, wire it all up, turn vm hub on and wait til lights/internet all on etc, then first power line, then end power line to be switched on.

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Are you on Volt?

I am indeed, yes

It is defo gigabit on the switch end:

Tested it on a laptop, same speed. I’ll have to test the cable on the other end, between the powerline hub and VM hub

Port 1 is gigabit speed on the switch and port 2 in 100mb/s as it’s only going to a VOIP adapter

Yes, I know it shouldn’t be on carpet, it’s only meant to be temporary

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Powerline is crazy variable. I used to use one and it struggled, then I got amp reading plugs and it caused hell with it. I love the tech as a quick fix but its as variable as wifi for each persons experience.

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