General broadband discussion

Virgin is VERY regional with issues a lot of the time.

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I could, does it work well? I don’t get under 20mb is any room though

I’m not sure, it’s coming this week. Your screenshot shows under 16Mbps, but then I doubt the VM Connect app would confirm that. I can’t send an email from my laptop most days in my office and yet the VM app is like “it’s all cool”


Google WiFi. I swear by it.

Not even tried the VM hub ever by itself. Just heard so many bad stories about them.


It was a device issue as the router was in the same room :joy:, my phone confirmed that

The new VM Meshes they offer are good not great but good considering theyre free, theyre a good alternative to buying a better mesh system.


My Virgin Hub 4 is absolutely fine. No probs whatsoever in my Edwardian four–bed. The Hub 3 was a POS mind you.

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Seconded, I’ve had the Wi-Fi AC/5 one for ~a year and it’s been flawless, literally not a single dropout or time I’ve had to restart any of the APs.

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Almost 18 months with ours and not had a single issue other than VM national issues which have been very infrequent, maybe 2-3 times.

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Guess which one they gave me :smiley:

I’m using a Ubiquiti AC Pro AP I had lying about, BUT. I may try score a Mesh point

I pestered them for a Hub 4/5/6 when renewing saying that the Hub 3 is vile junk but they said Hub 3 is the best I can have on Volt 250/350… but they didn’t put up too much of a fight when asked to send out a mesh pod.

You just need to call their tech support line and say that you can’t actually videoconference from one room or another and hopefully they’ll send one out. It’s £5 delivery or free click & collect though it appears they’re sending it to me for free…

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Ah cool - hopefully I get the full 250mb/s I’m paying for

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On its way


I’m very lucky as I previously accidentally placed two orders with TalkTalk (which were cancelled after I read reviews) and they sent out 2 eero pro 6+ wifi meshes and never requested them back. :crossed_fingers:

But like I mentioned above the Wifi Pods from VM are a good free alternative to lack-luster powerline adapters.

Oh, you were allowed to do it via WhatsApp! I’m angry :rage:

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Didn’t you try?

I tried everything but they kept telling me no until I called the faults line

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I just said No to all the automated tests they wanted me to do over the chat, said i was not getting 20mb/s in every room (a lie) and they sent me 1 Pod

I pay for 250/26, over powerline I get 150/26
on a TP Link AC1900 wifi extender I tested (thanks for the amazing return policy, Amazon) I got 120/26mb/s

Which I don’t understand why really, the router only has to go through ONE interior wall to get to the range extender, though I am unsure how thick that wall is

That’s a service for folks who don’t have broadband from them, I’ve got this service:

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Ah, I’ve not seen much of them only the above I mention.

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