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True, I mean it’s decent speed and I can pay someone to run an Ethernet cable through the loft, I just have to organise it. Then I can stop complaining. I just wish virgin would stop acting as if their supwrhub 3 wasn’t absolute garbage

They never will. At least until you get one of the top speed packages.

In that case wouldn’t they need to send one anyway? It’s advertised as a Volt benefit.

Why? Carpet allergy? (I suspect it’s a case of heat dissipation?)

You’re meant to get one if you can prove their WiFi is shut on their router (it is, at least on the hub3) it’s where the engineer installed it, even the engineer had issues getting it working on install day, kept flicking on/off.

Heat, exactly. It’s a passively cooled switch and like Servers or PCs they’re not really meant to on carpet, restricts airflow, a little. For PCs it’s different

It makes sense they insist you put the hub in router mode for testing as the pods will only work with the hub in router mode.

However, it doesn’t make sense that they aren’t sending a pod if you want one. You have less than 20 mbs in at least one room so they should be sending one as per their WiFi guarantee.

Out of curiosity I requested a pod a while back and it does improve coverage when running the hub in router mode. However I also found that with the hub in router mode I regularly have devices randomly disconnecting from the WiFi network for a few seconds at a time. Putting the hub in modem mode and just using my own mesh WiFi is much more reliable.


Yeah, we had the same issue on installation one day, to quote Harry Potter “One second it was there, the next it was gone! it was like magic”

So far my hub has completely eliminated my WiFi issues. I used to have drops in the connection where I couldn’t send emails even but now it’s working well knocks on wood

My network passed their stupid test but I was sent one anyway. Maybe because I insisted I was promised one on renewal (which I sort of was?)

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I’m gonna keep raising a stink till I get one

I have a hub 3 rather than 4/5 so that may be why I’m getting worse stability than you in router mode. But my own mesh router works so well that I’m happy just leaving the VM hub in modem mode.


Mine is a Hub 3 as well. I begged for a 4/5/6 but apparently it is the best I can get… I’m content enough that I didn’t have to spend on my own networking solution.

Personally, I would just put the thing in modem mode and carry on with your life, VM know the hubs only belong in the bin.

Get another router and put it into modem mode - time = money, and it’s really not worth fighting them for a pod.


I am no longer Andrew, my name is now Mark, please address me as such!

If this fails. I will cave and get a WiFi mesh system or just pay someone to run an Ethernet cable from my loft to where the router is


Wait and see as someone named Mark who texted them about cancelling their service will instead be sent a random WiFi Pod.

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I do understand how that might happen as in the backend there will be running on some generic customer service software which may have five or six chats active at once, Per advisor


I was looking to join Aquiss, has anyone on here used them berfore?

Oh hi Mark

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Hi Mark :wave:


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You do realise that you failed on the ‘if the hub is out in the open with proper ventilation’ part, by installing it on the shagpile?

That is not where the hub is! The hub is in the bedroom on top of my chest of drawers. That pictured Is only the other end of the powerline adapter, That then goes into a switch to power my voip In the living room and the access point

Thanks for the clarification.

Back to hitting her then? :crossed_fingers: