Funds not taken

I go to my local shop every day to buy drinks and food. Usually when i tap my card I get the alert straight away. I just realised i have not been charged last night after tapping my card. Does not show anywhere. Its not a huge amount… Only like 8 pounds. Anyone else had this problem

It’s probably the shop is having problems with their card machine. It’s not online, not collecting for one reason or another.

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No issues are reported.

Perhaps you walked away to hastily and it hadn’t registered your tap. I’m sure the shopkeeper will mention it to you when you go tomorrow if there were any problems.

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Did you get or were you offered a receipt?

No, i am regular there everyday. When i tapped, he said its gone thru. So not sure what happened. Also when i tap the card, the card machine make a noise, that happened last night as well

No issues then. @Revels theory is probably the correct one now.

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Very possible it will come through in the next few days. Most likely authorised offline.

If it isn’t there in a week or so probably best to go back to the shop re-pay.

Right an update, that small payment was taken today after so many days

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I’ve seen the same with Amex and also in a “shop” - Selecta group took a payment for something I bought 11 months later